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Tribl & Sons The Band – Live From 1971 (Album) [Download Mp3]

SONS THE BAND release their debut album Live from 1971. This project was recorded at 1971 Sounds in Atlanta, which has a history with SONS THE BAND. SONS THE BAND are paying homage to the studio by releasing this collaborative project. The studio captures the heart of both, which will always be creating songs for the Church.

SONS THE BAND’s Jordan and Steve met in March 2020 at a songwriting camp hosted by Maverick City Music in Atlanta, GA. SONS THE BAND was born in Jordan’s studio a few months later, and dreams became a reality. In keeping with today’s contemporary Christian style, their sound centers around heavy guitars, gospel piano, and dynamic vocals. Although the elements may be like other groups, they hope the sound they create resonates through the Church and helps add a new expression to the worship of the King.

Upbeat and impactful, “Only Ever Good” expresses God’s unwavering goodness. The moment the track begins, the energy is evident. The joy and love of God come through in the vocals and the instrumental parts. Everyone who listens to this song will enter a space representing God’s all-embracing goodness. “His nature is goodness, and his goodness infinitely extends to his sons and daughters. It’s a declaration that in good times and bad, his nature doesn’t change.”

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In contrast to “Only Ever Good,” “Cross and Empty Grave” is an introspective worship experience. The listener begins the journey with impactful, reflective lyrics and minimal instrumentals. Instead of presenting a standard praise and workshop song, Cross and Empty Grave tells the story of Christ’s journey to resurrection and the impact that journey has on all of us. “The lyrics remind listeners that even in his greatness and majesty, God still desires to have intimate relationships with his children. Through his resurrection, God reminds us that He is everything.”

SONS THE BAND is the confluence of Denver transplant Jordan Colle and Detroit native Steve Davis.

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Download the album tracklists below:

1. Only Ever Good
Download Mp3
2. Brand New
Download Mp3
3. I Know You Will
Download Mp3
4. Resurrection
Download Mp3
5. Cross & Empty Grave Download Mp3
6. Rest & Rise
Download Mp3
7. Crowns
Download Mp3

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